Airflow Distribution Company Case Study RF Brookes Food Processing Plant

Case Study: RF Brookes Food Processing Plant

Location: Newport, UK

Building Use: Industrial

Project Type: New Build

The high level of quality demands from its customers made Kingspan Koolduct the natural choice of ducting for the company which prepares pre-cooked meals for Britain’s major high street retailers and restaurant chains.

In order to meet the demands for stringent hygiene standards and constant thermal performance required by RF Brookes for their new food preparation plant at Newport, Gwent, specialist contractors Sperring Engineering chose Koolduct, the brand leader of 21st century air ducting technology from Kingspan Insulation Limited.

Throughout the carefully phased twelve month programme, Sperring Engineering worked in close liaison with refrigeration contractors Star Refrigeration to install a total of 12,000 square metres of Koolduct as part of the cooling system for the production area of the largest food preparation facility in Europe.

The air stream in the system’s hermetically sealed duct flows only across aluminium and has no contact with any material containing loose fibres, making Koolduct environmentally ideal for use in hospitals, food and drink processing industries, the pharmaceutical industry and anywhere else where fibrous products are not acceptable.

David Sperring of Sperring Engineering says “In the environment of a food preparation plant it was important to choose a ducting system that was both thermally efficient and hygienic.

“The lightweight property of Koolduct was also an important factor, as it made it manoeuvrable and easy to work within constricted areas where the ducting was fabricated on site within the roof space.”