Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kingspan KoolDuct?

Kool Duct is a premium performance pre-insulated phenolic duct system. It uses high quality closed cell phenolic foam to offer high R-values and Low Air Leakage in a lightweight and durable panel.

Is it spelled Cool Duct or Kool Duct?

We see a lot of searches for CoolDuct from people new to the product, but KoolDuct is spelled with a K.

Why should I use KoolDuct instead of Sheet Metal Ductwork?

Kingspan Kool Duct provides some of the highest R values in the industry and can reduce air-leakage rates to a small fraction of what traditional sheet metal duct would provide. This gives your customer significant energy savings.

What insulation R value can Kingspan KoolDuct provide?

Koolduct different panel thicknesses have an R-6 and an R-8.1 insulation value.

How is KoolDuct installation different than traditional sheet metal?

Kingspan KoolDuct is very fast to install because of several key things; it is very light and can be fabricated in segments as long as 13'. Two, it is air tight and doesn't need to be sealed after installation. Three, it is pre-insulated and no additional wrap of insulation is necessary.

What does the interior KoolDuct liner consist of?

Kingspan KoolDuct uses a smooth aluminum lining for the duct interior.

Where can I buy Kingspan Kool Duct?

Kingspan has a network of distributors in the United States. We represent 5 states on the West Coast. For more information call 844-KOOLDUC.

How do I get trained to install KoolDuct?

To be trained to fabricate or install Kingspan KoolDuct, one must become certified in the appropriate techniques. Airflow Distribution Company provides a 3 day training class that allows you to be approved to use KoolDuct. This is done to assure a quality product with all

How do I become a KoolDuct fabricator?

Contact Airflow Distribution Company for more information on becoming a fabricator in your area. For more information on becoming a fabricator, contact .Kingspan KoolDuct users. For more information on training please contact

Can KoolDuct be used in exterior applications?

Kingspan KoolDuct is an excellent choice for exterior applications. Following the Kingspan approved fabrications techniques, cladding is used to ensure a quality outdoor product that can withstand harsh elements – sun, snow, wind, rain and freezing temperatures.

Can KoolDuct be used in interior applications?

Kingspan KoolDuct can be used indoor in the sample application as traditional sheet metal ductwork. KoolDuct is your all in one insulated ductwork, not needing additional fiberglass insulation. Additionally, low duct weight and the ability to be installed flush to the ceiling are just two of the many advantages of using Kingspan KoolDuct for your indoor project.

Will KoolDuct meet SMACNA construction standards?

Yes. SMACNA has recently published the Phenolic Duct Construction Standards which includes ductwork such as that found in Kingspan KoolDuct. These duct construction and installation standards will be internationally recognized by the leading authority in HVAC construction.

Is KoolDuct compliant with ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1:2007, IECC 2003, 2006, 2009 & 2012, IMC 2009?

Yes. KoolDuct is complaint with ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1:2007, IECC 2003, 2006, 2009 & 2012, IMC 2009.

Can Kingspan KoolDuct be painted?

Yes, Kingspan KoolDuct is able to be painted.

What type of foam is Kool Duct using?

Kingspan KoolDuct is certified to be greater than 90% closed cell content, having the highest R-value per inch of thickness, a low potential for water intrusion and exceptional mold resistance.

Can KoolDuct be used in industrial, residential and commercial applications?

KoolDuct can be used in all applications where traditional sheet metal ductwork is used. KoolDuct is a no fiber insulation product offering excellent IAQ and energy saving benefits to the residential markets. This medium pressure ducting system is excellent for commercial applications and ideal for industrial applications because of its closed cell, smooth aluminum surface.

Who do I contact to have KoolDuct specified for my project?

Please email us for a specifying engineer in your area that can assist you on your next project. For a copy of the guide specifications, please email

How do I get trained to install Kingspan KoolDuct?

You can be trained to install Kingspan KoolDuct from a distributor, a local fabricator or the Sheet Metal Workers ITI Training centers. For more information call 855-KOOLDUC.

What static pressures can Kingspan KoolDuct handle?

KoolDuct is suitable for applications with Positive 4 in. w.g. through Negative 3 in. w.g.